Our Story

Seven Years

The story goes...

Late one night by the bonfire, a wise backpacker said,

“It takes you seven years on the road of reform… to reach your highest form"

we are on that road: we travel, we explore, and we have a knack for designing unique products that enhances exploration and commuting

Seven is the enigmatic number in nature and spirituality:

seven heavens, seven chakras, seven wonders, seven colors of rainbow, seven continents, and we are Sevenyears

Travel. Explore. Create

The Story behind
The Adventure Backpack

Our small team – being travelers themselves – wanted to find a solution to every traveler’s dilemma:

How to have a backpack that fits all your travel clothing and gear, while also being organized and easy to access without making a mess.

The Adventure Backpack

Compact sleek design, carefully chosen material, pockets in all the right places, you name it! A backpack inspired by travelers and carefully tweaked to their needs.

It took us a couple of years of designing, redesigning, and trial and error to reach the current design of the Adventure Backpack. And now that the Adventure Backpack is in light, we can see it making a difference in travelers’ lives.

Our Core Values

We believe in the power of travel, and that through travel one can be inspired to create a positive impact either on him/herself or on their community or even on the whole world, who knows.

We want to have a role in that, we want to inspire travelers to explore, discover new things around and within themselves. 

Our Goal

Our goal is not only to create gear for travelers and explorers, we want to build a community for travelers; where travelers of all sorts can share their experiences with fellow travelers. 

We believe that community will surely have a positive impact on the future, one way or another.